Wednesday, May 6, 2015

At School With Gentry: Update

Gentry is still transitioning into the older class at school(daycare). He hasn't gotten used to the new "rules". This class will prepare him to begin Pre-K next year, and Mrs. Diane is teaching them to stand in/walk in straight lines to go to the bathroom and recess, put down/take up their nappers at nap time, and practices many other things with them that Gentry is just learning to get the hang of. He wants so badly to be a "big boy", but he is still on the younger side, and still likes being mama's baby, too. :)

Here's a few things he's been up to lately.

Mrs. Diane is teaching him to color inside the lines.
He is so proud of his work when he's finished.

He gets to be a big boy and help get supplies.
He really is a great helper. :)

So proud of himself.

He made a tiger visor.

And, of course, he's still very happy when his big brother 
gets there in the afternoons.
I'm so glad they love each other so much. :)


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