Thursday, April 23, 2015

K-3 With Gentry

Gentry has gotten moved up into the K-3 class at his little school! I'm so proud for him because now he will really begin to flourish. He has Mrs. Diane as his teacher, and I know she will teach him all kinds of fun & interesting things. :)

Just like when Jubal was in her class, and I would get pictures of him, I get pictures throughout the day of Gentry now.  This makes me very happy!!  I love seeing what my boy's day consists of when I can't be with him.  He has already excelled at coloring inside the lines, making crafts, and he's learning to play in centers.

He's also graduated from needing the stool to go to the potty.  It's only been two weeks and he's making progress in leaps & bounds already.  I'm so proud!

Jubal still has a cubby for the afternoons when he comes 
in from school, so they share it now. :)

One of his first coloring projects.
It now hangs on our fridge.:)
Before this, I would only get coloring sheets that he 
had colored with scribbles all over them.  
He is so proud of himself now.

They still get so excited to see each other after school each day.

Mrs. Diane had went to BK over the weekend, and
she brought all the kiddos crowns.

Playing in centers, and one of his favorites is the little toy animals.

So proud of his rooster!
He named it Rusty. ;)

Going to the potty like a BOSS!!

This picture is so precious to me.
I always want my boys to know the importance of prayer.
I love that my boy is leading the blessing of the food.
He's growing into such a little man. :)

I can't wait to write an update on how this is going later on.  He is doing so well, even though he's had a few issues with wanting to be with his friends in the two year old class.  He just misses his best buddy, Greyson. Mrs. Diane took him to visit them the other day.  She is making the transition easier for him, and I appreciate that so much since Gentry is a little more laid back than Jubal, and it takes him longer to feel secure.

He's becoming a big boy, though, and I couldn't be more proud. :)


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