Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jubal's Spring School Pics

Jubal had his spring pictures taken at school a few weeks back. They turned out really cute. He actually gave a semi "real" smile in this one, versus his fall pics.  He had a frightened smile on his face in his fall pictures, so I'm satisfied with these. :)

This reminds me that I need to post his other pictures.  I need to post his fall pictures, and his picture he had made with my mama, his mammaw, for Grandparent's Day at school.  I can't believe I never posted them.

I'll be sure to get right on that.  Soon...

Like right now.

These pictures are actually iPhone pics of the pictures.  His fall picture is even just a proof.  I did order packages of these pictures.  I have yet to hang any of them up, though.  No worries.  My walls are covered with all kinds of pictures of both of my boys.  I have a love affair with canvases. ;)

I love this picture of him & my mama.

Doesn't he look a little scared to you? Ha!


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