Friday, September 30, 2016

Laughing Gas

A couple of weeks ago we had to take the boys to their semi-annual dentist appointment. We try to always make it a fun little trip by going the day before and staying the night in a hotel since it's in Savannah, about 45 minutes to an hour away, depending on traffic. My boys love staying in a hotel with an indoor pool, so that's what we do.

We had planned on taking them to the beach, but they didn't want to leave the hotel. The only time we left was to get some food. That made it easy for us. I sat by the pool with the boys when I wasn't in it with them, and Larson chilled out in our room watching football. Relaxing enough for us both. It's things we enjoy doing.

Back to the laughing gas.  After their cleaning, the dentist came around for their exams.  Jubal had a small filling in one of his very back teeth put in two years ago.  There was no cavity yet, but it was soft, and to preserve his teeth the dentist recommended it.  It had become loose, so the dentist now recommended capping it.  The procedure could be done later that afternoon, so we decided to go ahead and do it.

In the time we had between our morning visit and the procedure later that day, we killed time by making our regular trip to Chuck E Cheese's.  The boys love that place.  Then we went to get soccer cleats and socks, and just piddled around until time to be back.

Jubal is a big scaredy cat at the dentist, so when the assistant asked if I wanted him to have laughing gas I said yes without hesitation.  I recorded little bits of it.  He was so funny.  There were scared tears at first, but they dried quickly.  Ha!

He was a trooper.  It was the best dental experience we've had with him.  I say that because both of my boys cry and have to sometimes have their hands held down during just a cleaning.  They seriously hate the dentist.  It gives them such anxiety.

This was a successful day, though.  I'm proud of my big boy. :)


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