Wednesday, October 5, 2016

School Pics~Fall 2016

Well, my boys had their fall pictures taken a few weeks ago. I order mine online, so I get them back pretty quickly. As proud as I am of how handsome my boys are, and that they each smiled (Gentry's was fake, but still good ha!) pretty for the camera, I was disappointed that Gentry's seemed to be out of focus a little.

The proof did not appear that way or I wouldn't have ordered them. I could have had his retaken, however the day they retook pictures at school has come & gone, and the pictures didn't come until after that date.  So, we're stuck with semi-blurry pics for his first "big school" pictures.

I guess we'll live since he's such a cutie and made the picture look good anyway. ;)

I sure do love these full of energy, cuddly, hardheaded, smart, hate me one second because I'm a "mean mom", but love me the next because I'm an "awesome mom" boys.  They keep me on my toes, and keep me young.  Even when they wear this old body out by keeping us on the go from the time they wake up until they close their precious eyes. :)


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