Thursday, October 6, 2016

Gentry's Scarecrow

Just like when Jubal was in Pre-K, Gentry had a project to create a scarecrow for the hall his classroom is on.  We did Gentry's a little different since the teachers asked for them to be as weightless as possible since they hang them on the wall with putty or something like that.

When we did Jubal's, we did it on cardboard, and it turned out great, I think.  I do remember his teachers having a hard time keeping it up, but they managed.  Gentry's is not as embellished for this reason, but I did use the costume they both wore for Halloween when they were two.  I seriously got my money's worth out of it. ;)

Gentry was absolutely in love with his scarecrow, so that is all that matters to me.


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