Thursday, January 13, 2011

6 Months Old~My Oh My! How Time Flies!

My sweet, sweet baby boy. You are now 1/2 a year old. Where does the time go? I don't know exactly how much you weigh or your height right now, but we will find out this coming Monday at your 6 month visit. I'm guessing you weigh close to 18 lbs. now. Your chubby little legs are short just like your daddy's...bless you!!! Mammaw got you a walker for Christmas, but your feet still won't touch even on the lowest setting. As a matter of fact, the only thing your feet will touch the floor in is your jumper, and that's only because your weight pulls you down closer to the floor. Ha! That doesn't mean you don't enjoy sitting in all your many "playstations" as I like to call them. That makes me think...I need to get a picture of you in each of them.

Anyway...back to your 6 month birthday news.

You have started doing a few new things this month. You have definetly found your toes! You play with them all the time. You have also started sucking on your bottom lip a lot, too.

I snuck up on you & startled you, as you can clearly see!

That didn't stop you from grabbing both feet, though.

Sucking on that bottom lip!

...and again!

Your eating schedule:
4 tbsp. rice cereal w/ 1/2 a serving (stage 1) fruit mixed in
One serving (stage 1) veggie or one serving (stage 2) of green beans or peas
One serving (stage 1) fruit
Same as lunch
You like ALL veggies & ALL fruits. Your favorite veggie is green beans & your favorite fruit is pears. Thank goodness you're not a picky eater!! However, bananas do cause you to have extra BMs so we've decided to hold off awhile longer on those.
You are only taking 3-6 oz. bottles a day now. You do have a fourth bottle that you usually go to sleep taking.

You continue to sleep as well as you have since day one, which is awesome! I don't mind that you stay up with us until usually 9:30 because we don't get home from work until 6:30, so that gives us some time with you. You sleep until we get up for work & would sleep longer if you could. You've started becoming sort of a lil grouch when we wake you in the mornings. Ha!

You still wear a size 2 diaper. Your clothes are mainly 3-6 months, although you do wear some 6-9 months, depending on what kind of outfit it is. You can even still wear some of your 0-3 months pants! 

Your hair is beginning to thicken. It's a little lighter color than it was when you were born. We laugh because you still have a lot of your newborn hair & there's this one, single, solitary hair right in the front that is waayy longer than the rest & likes to stand straight up. We call it your "Who" hair, like off the Grinch That Stole Christmas. Ha!

You laugh a lot and it pleases me so much that you are a happy baby. It makes me feel like we're doing something right. I'd climb mountains for you, boy! Just to make sure you ARE happy.

You grunt when you want something really bad. It's funny! It's like your trying to tell us what you want in your own little language. You sure do sound demanding. Ha!

*Excuse my silly giggles & the huge dip in Larson's mouth!

Here are a few pics I took on your big six months birthday.

This one has to be my favorite, though. See how demanding you look...

I love you, my sweet baby boy. I still thank God several times a day for blessing me with such a happy, healthy child. I've thoroughly enjoyed being your mommy for these 6 months & look forward to taking care of your children someday.



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