Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just some pics...

These are just some pictures that I took when he woke up from a nap, while Larson was running their bath water. I love pictures!!!

Bless him! He woke up to a camera in his face!

Ha! This sleepy smile is too cute.

He thinks Mommy's silly!

Ok, woman! Enough is enough!!

Sweet boy

He was coming for me!

My big ol' blue-eyed boy

I knew there was another smile in there somewhere.

His daddy was standing behind me & he was watching him.

Chunky Monkey

Love those chubby thighs!

This is his "Playbaby" pose!

I had to get a couple of shots in the bath. He loves bathtime. He loves the water. I know when he can sit up by himself he will really love bathtime. Right now, though, we still use his little tub in our big tub. Bathtime is his & Daddy's time. Can you believe I have NEVER given my little boy a bath? Nope, sure haven't!

These pictures made me go back & look at pictures of him when he was smaller at bathtime...
His very first tub bath~14 days old. He barely takes up any of the bath chair...

...and @ 2 months. Ha! Time to get rid of the chair & get a little tub.

He's growing up too fast!



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