Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well, Jubal....

You're going to have a LITTLE BROTHER!!!

Daddy was a little disappointed because he wanted a little girl to complete our family, and I'll admit I had entertained the idea of the color pink, hair bows, and learning how to be a mommy to a girl. I'm excited, though, that you're going to have a brother to grow up with, since this will be your only sibling.

Your brother's face & tummy. 1/23/12~18wks. 2 days
Notice the little "heart" in his eye???

Your brother's name will be Gentry Slade. I hope you love him. I hope y'all get along well. I hope there's a smooth transition for you from being the only child, to being the oldest. I hope you know we still love you just as much as we ever have because, in fact, YOU are who made us mommy & daddy!

Rolling around, all twisted up during the ultrasound. 1/23/12~18 wks. 2 days

MY BOYS! For some reason I knew I was going to be a "boy mom". I'm just meant to be one. I remember when I was young, I admired my Aunt Penny who had three boys. I used to think to myself that it took a "cool" woman to be a "boy mom". Well, I guess I'm that cool! ;)

All rolled up in a ball letting us know he was uninterested in having pics taken. ;)

I'm very excited to be carrying another sweet boy in my tummy! We are no longer going to be a family of 3, but 4 now. There will be no more estrogen in our home, so I will be the Queen. No princesses, only the King & our princes. I think I can deal with that.

I do have to stop and thank God once again for you, Jubal, and your brother. Jubal, you are the sweetest, happiest little boy and I just hope you always are. God truly blessed us when He gave us you and now He is blessing us again. All I can do is pray that we give each of you the best lives we possibly can. 

I love you, Jubal!!! You're going to be the best big brother ever!!! Gentry is going to adore you, I just know it. :)

Love Always,

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  1. Boys! Very cool. You are a great "boy mom". You're gonna have so much fun with them boys.


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