Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday Hiatus

Goodness! It seems like forever since I've blogged. It has been awhile. With all of the Christmas & New Year's festivities going on, I just haven't had much time. I was on vacation all last week, but I spent every second I possibly could with Jubal.

This was the longest period of time I've gotten to spend with him since he was born. I went back to work 2 1/2 weeks after he was born (even after a C-section) because even though we had a precious new being in our home, that home still had to be paid for. The company I work for was taken over by new owners in November of 2010, so I didn't get a vacation last Christmas or this summer, which means no time off with Jubal. So, you see, I wanted to spend every minute I could with my sweet baby boy, especially since this was my only opportunity before the new baby arrives & we won't ever get this one-on-one time again. :(

Anyway...I hope everyone had wonderful times with their families this holiday season. We spent Christmas Eve at Larson's daddy's house this year. Papa & Mema sure know how to spoil a grandkid! They got Jubal a tricycle, a bike & helmet (for when he's bigger, but Papa said he couldn't pass up a deal like that!), and by far his favorite, a little mule. I like the mule, too, because I work at a Kawasaki dealership that sells Mules.

This pic was actually taken Christmas morning because I didn't take pictures at Papa's.

We had Christmas Eve dinner with them and then went to my mama's house. My mama always lets the kids have their presents on Christmas Eve since Santa comes on Christmas morning. I think she got Jubal his most favorite gift because he is still crazy about it. It could be, though, because it's in the house and his mule is outside and it's been too cold to let him go outside much to play with his mule. It's a precious rocking horse that plays a little jig. Jubal calls him "EI", as in E-I-E-I-O (Old McDonald). As long as the music's playing, Jubal's rockin'! :)

At Mammaw's with his new "EI" on Christmas Eve.

Watching "A Christmas Story". Like mother, like son! ;)

Christmas morning after getting his things from Santa. See, he still loved "EI"!

After we left my mama's Christmas Eve, we went home and I baked some delicious cookies that my sweet & beautiful great-niece gave us for Christmas. They were absolutely yummy! Thanks, Ash!!! I bet Santa loved them, as well.

Christmas morning was fun, but I'm sure next year when Jubal is a little older, it will be even more fun. He doesn't really understand about Santa yet, but Santa brought him some puzzles, some books, a couple of music cd's of children's songs that he loves, and his big gift from Santa was a wagon. However, I was a little disappointed in Santa (to say the least) because he brought Jubal a wagon that had some parts missing. No worries, though. We wrote Santa a letter & he replaced it by making a call to a local store that is ordering one for us. ;)

We had Christmas lunch with my mama, sister, and niece. It was some good eating, too. We didn't do a traditional meal. We had ham, potato salad, & baked beans. Yum! It was good for a change. After spending some time with my family, we went out to Larson's mama's house for Christmas dinner and more presents. Larson's sister, Heather, spoiled Jubal, too. She got him some boots, toys, and a Georgia Bulldog recliner. If Alannah or Larson try to sit in it, Jubal furiously tries to remove them. Ha!

This was at Granny's when he first got it.

This is after we got home. He is kicked back watching Blue's Clues! :)

All in all, we had a wonderful Christmas with our families. We missed our loved ones that couldn't be with us, though.

Here's some pics of Jubal when it was pretty enough for us to go outside and play while I was off with him. He loves his mule!

New Year's Eve was fun. We had some finger foods at my mama's. I made some little ham sandwiches and some pimento cheese sandwiches, white chocolate-covered pretzels, pigs in a blanket, and a chocolate eclair cake. I got the recipe from another fellow blogger, Jessica. It was awesome! Of course, my mom had some goodies, as well. I can't seem to get enough of her shrimp dip. Yum!

My sister kept Jubal for a little while we went over to our friend's to a "Red Solo Cup" party. Ha! I managed to get one pic with my girls, Marty & Christin. :)

We were home by 9, and actually in our pjs and snuggled in for the night by 10. Jubal was asleep when we got home to pick him up. Larson immediately fell asleep & I was out by 10:30. Our neighbors set off fireworks at midnight and I'm glad they did because it woke me up right when the ball dropped. I got to bring in the new year! I woke Larson up to tell him "Happy New Year" and he just mumbled "I love you" and drifted back off to sleep. I pulled Jubal close, but ended up not going back to sleep until around 2:15. It was wonderful being all snuggled up with my little family, though.

New Year's Day we made sure to eat plenty of black-eyed peas and greens. Twice, as a matter of fact! We ate at Larson's mama's house & then again at my mama's house. Mmmm, good!

This was earlier in the morning. The sun came out later & the day turned out to be beautiful.

New Year's Day~2012. My boy is getting big! Gosh, I love him so much!!!

And just for me, here's a look back at how little my boy was last New Year's Day. :)


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