Saturday, November 17, 2012

1000 Words

I don't have much to tell today since it's been pretty quiet around here.  Daycare, work, home, supper, baths, and bedtimes. Same ol', same ol'. No matter how uneventful, I'm thankful. We are together, we are in good health, have everything we need, and life is good.  What more could a girl ask for?

I do have some pics on my phone I want to post.  They say pictures speak a thousand words, so for the absence of my own words, here are 1000. ;)

Looking pretty "gangsta" there, Jubal.

First time roasting marshmallows.

Jubal's teachers send me texts or pics during the day to let me know how he is doing.
This is him enjoying movie time from awhile back when the weather was still warmer.

Gentry loves this old hand-me-down bouncy.  Jubal loved it when he was little, too.


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