Wednesday, October 9, 2013

At School With Jubal

Mrs. Diane, Jubal's teacher, sends me updates (with pictures) throughout his day that I appreciate very much. I love to see my boy learning, playing, and loving school.

He got to hold the flag for the pledge. Big boy. :)

At recess with his friends.

Studying the color brown.

The color orange.

Jubal has known his colors for a long time, but it's always fun to learn more.

Play time with the dinosaur.


Letting the giraffe get a drink of water.

Picking apples.

Jubal started getting an eye infection. His little eye was swollen. :(

His apple.

Jumping over the imaginary "hole". The next Michael Jordan? ;)

His gorilla he got for being a big boy while getting his eye drops put in at school.

Learning to hop on one foot.

His prize for being a big boy again for his drops. Eye is looking better.

Ready for his drops. His classmates cheered & clapped for him for being so brave.

Playing hide & seek. He likes to be "it".

Coloring a poster for his classroom with his friend Ian.

Putting stars on his paper. This is the cow that jumped over the moon.

If you read this Mrs. Diane, thank you for keeping me updated daily.  I enjoy seeing everything he's doing during his day while I can't be with him.  Also, thank you for loving him like he was your own. :)


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  1. You are so welcome Shae, and you are right, I do love him as if he were mine. He is such a well rounded little boy and that comes from home.


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