Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Life Lately

There's not been a whole lot going on lately, just enjoying the cooler weather. It still pretty warm during the day, but the evenings are awesome.  We've been trying to spend more time outside when we all get home and I am loving it. 

On Mondays, I've been taking the boys to school/daycare so that I can get some serious cleaning done around our home and just have some time to myself.  I usually feel guilty dropping them off, but then at the end of my day, I feel like I'm a better mama when I have just a few hours to re-group and feel more productive while taking care of things at home, too. 

When I go pick them up around 4:30, we go pick up Larson together and then we all go to a little park in Hagan close to where I work.  They look forward to it each week.  Their favorite part is when the train passes.  The conductor always toots the horn and waves at all the kids playing at the park.   

This is where they stand to watch the train.

Both boys got a hair cut.  Jubal used to pitch a fit when he got his cut and is still a little nervous about it, but he finally gets up in the chair like a big boy and lets Rachel cut it without having any type of breakdown.

Pre-hair cut

Gentry, on the other hand, hasn't been bothered by getting his hair cut at all.  I hope it never bothers him.  He just gets up in the chair and handles it like a little boss.

McDonald's in our town has "Family Night" every Tuesday.  After we pick the boys up from school, we take them to eat and play.  It's good social interaction with children other than who they go to school with everyday.  There are even a couple of children with learning disabilities there.  I want my boys to be exposed to all types of children.  I want them to learn to respect everyone, no matter what our differences.

This past Sunday we didn't have to go anywhere or do anything.  It was wonderful!  We sat outside in the perfect weather all day.  I mean all day, too, except for nap times.  I wish we could do that more often.  It's nice to relax and just be with my little family.  I need it.  I took a couple of pictures of my little blondie while he & I played outside while Daddy & Jubal finished their naps.  He really looks nothing like he did when he was smaller.  He's always beautiful, though. :)

We're going to be busy the next couple of weekends.  This Saturday is my BFF's benefit concert for her mama who was diagnosed with breast cancer.  We're leaving the boys with their babysitter, Miss Ashley, for the evening.  I hate to leave them ever, but Ashley is family and she loves the boys so much.  It should be a fun-filled evening.  Good food, good music, good friends, all for a good cause.  Doesn't get much better.

Sunday, we have another birthday party to attend at our local recreation department.  The weather will be nice, hopefully.  The boys love going to their little friends' birthday parties.  We had one we attended this past Saturday for Miss Hunter and the boys had a great time at it, too.

Next weekend, it's the FAIR & PUMPKIN PATCH!!!! I always get so excited this time of year.  I love Fall, fairs, pumpkin patches, Halloween, all of it.  Our friends, Adam & Michelle, and their girls are going with us this year so it should be even more fun.  Gentry will even get to ride the rides this year.  I'm like a big kid.  I'm so excited for all of us to have some fun together. :)

Jubal has chosen his own costume this year for Halloween.  He wants to be Leonardo the ninja turtle.  "Leo's a leader!", he says.  I say, "Whatever you want, baby."  I know he loves some TMNT.  Gentry is going to be a scarecrow, which was what Jubal was when he was a year old.  Gotta love hand-me-downs.  They work, though, until Gentry gets old enough to ask for his own costume, too.

Well, that's about all I have for now.  I don't think I'm forgetting anything we've been up to or about to be up to.  I know I'm looking forward to each and every day with my family.  I love them so much!


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