Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Patch~2013

This year we went to the pumpkin patch with friends. It was even more fun than each year before.  Gentry was old enough to enjoy it this year and Jubal had friends there to play with, even though, as usual, he ventured off doing the things he likes instead of staying with them.

Our family. :)

Our friends.

There are so many fun things for the kids to do.  Jubal usually likes riding the cow train, but this year he passed it up.  Gentry just followed Jubal.  Where his brother went, he was close behind.

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I think the biggest attraction for the kids is the huge trampoline.  That's what I call it anyway.

Coming off the trampoline.

He loves jumping with his daddy.

He was going back to jump some more. Unfortunately, he couldn't make it up the incline.

Happy anyway. :)

Another fun thing to do, and Gentry will get to do next year, too, is ride the "barrel bull".  Jubal & Addy loved riding it.  I wish there was more than one so they didn't have to hurry so that everyone in line gets a chance, but oh well.

After riding the bull, we made our way over to the petting zoo area.  The boys loved checking out all the animals.  We all especially had fun feeding "Elvis", the donkey.

Moving right along, our next stop was the "Corn Crib".  It's just a little house with corn on the floor deep enough for the kids to play in.  Of course Jubal had to be the one to throw it.  Luckily, no one was injured. ;)

Jubal wanted to ride the horsie bounce next, so while he rode on it, Gentry got to run around and check people out.  He was sure that one little girl's cup was his.  It took a lot of convincing that it wasn't.

Next up, we were on the hayride, ready to go to the pumpkin patch to get our cute little pumpkins to carve.

On the way to the pumpkin patch, they sing fun songs and tell stories until we get there.  The bigger kids looked at me like I was crazy for singing and playing along.  I guess my boys will do that, too, one day.

Once we were at the pumpkin patch, Gentry walked around picking up every pumpkin and dropping it.  I finally found him a really cute one that he toted around until he found yet another one he obviously liked more. Ha!  He was so stinkin' cute in the middle of that pumpkin patch!

Before leaving the patch, we all had our picture made together for memory's sake.  It isn't the best picture in the world, but it was fun being there together with our little family & our friends.  I hope this stays a tradition for years to come.


Until next year.....


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