Wednesday, October 30, 2013

At The Fair~2013

I am such a slacker lately. When it comes to posting, that is. It's just so hard to find time when I work full time and spend my free time with my boys trying to make sure I'm present in their lives. I enjoy keeping up with the little things we do, though, so whenever I get a second I try to get here and post.

This past Saturday we took the boys to the fair.  I grew up going to the fair each year and I enjoyed it so much.  It's something I want to do each year with my boys, too.

Last year was Gentry's first trip to the fair.  He was much too young to really enjoy it, but he did love the lights and all of the commotion.  This year, he still didn't get to ride anything, even with an adult, but he loved getting to get around on his own and watching everything.

This was Jubal's fourth fair experience.  He finally made it to 36 inches so he was able to ride all the kiddie rides solo this year.  He was so proud of himself.  You could tell he really felt like a "big boy".

Very first time riding without Daddy.

Coming off the ride.  He was so excited that he rode the monkeys by himself. :)

After his first solo ride, he was ready to take on all the rides.  His next venture was on the race track...

We ended up moving him to the inside so the bigger boy wouldn't squish him on the turns.

While Jubal was riding the rides, Gentry was running around playing and watching all the people.  I can't wait for next year when he can ride, too.  He's my little monster man and I have a feeling he's going to love it even more than Jubal.

Last ride of the night, other than the merry-go-round, was the bumble bees.  Larson ended up having to ride on this ride with Jubal because it goes up in the air a little and Jubal kept standing up before the ride began, which had the operator a little uneasy so she asked Larson to ride with him.

Each year I look forward to getting the merry-go-round pictures.  It's my favorite picture of all.  I like looking back at each year's picture.

Click to enlarge.

We enjoyed our time together as a family while we were at the fair.  We enjoy our time together as a family anywhere, really.  I'm so thankful for these people God gave me in my life.


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  1. Ashton loves the fair too!!!! I enjoy the carny food! Ha!


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