Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fair 2012~Gentry's First

What a wonderful weekend we had!  I'm going to separate our weekend into two posts since I have so many pictures.  We went to the fair Saturday and to the pumpkin patch Sunday.  I enjoyed our time together as a family so much.  There's nothing more special than making memories with all my boys.

This would be me trying to get a good shot with them all looking.  Yeah...not happening! HA!

Our trip to the fair Saturday was so much fun.  This was Gentry's first trip.  He's still so young that he won't remember it, but that's exactly why I keep this journal.  For my boys.  I also wrote about Jubal's first trip to the fair, and here's a recap of last year, too. :)

Even though my littlest didn't get to enjoy very much of anything, Jubal loved it this year.  He got to ride some of the rides other than just the merry-go-round this time.

Larson took him into one of the fun houses this year.  To get out, you must slide down.  Larson let Jubal go alone and bless his heart, he tumbled head over heels down the slide!  I was videoing and when I saw what was happening, I just dropped the camera and ran to get him.  He was crying so hard.  He got a little skinned place on his forehead, but otherwise he was fine, just a little scared.  Bad Daddy!!!

It didn't take long for him to bounce back.  Here he is watching one of the rides.  I tried catching him squealing, but started recording too late.  You can still see the excitement on his face, though.

Here's some more pics from our night.

Gentry really did like looking at all the lights and people walking around.  He started getting tired about 8:00, which is his bed time, so we started making our way out.  The last ride we let Jubal on was the merry-go-round.

I've gotten a picture of Jubal every year on the merry-go-round, and wanted to continue the tradition with Gentry.  Gentry was asleep before he could ride it, but we woke him up for a quick picture while the ride was stopped anyway.  I couldn't get him to look at the camera, though. :(

Here's a short video of Jubal riding the merry-go-round.

And here's his annual picture.

Here's pictures from each year.  Gosh, time flies.

Click to enlarge.

I did manage to get in two of the pictures.  That doesn't happen very often.  We had to ask someone to take our family picture.  Both pics are little blurry, but at least it's proof I was there. ;)

You can see in the picture that Gentry crashed.  It didn't take Mr. Jubal long after we got in the car and started home to do the same.

It was a great night!  I love my family so much and I'm super glad when we get to take the boys to do fun things like this.  Maybe next year Mr. Gentry will get to participate more.  I'm already looking forward to it. :)


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