Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween~2012

I wish I had gotten a picture of us all together like I did last year, but we had such a short time to get home from work, pick the boys up from daycare, and get them dressed that we didn't have time to dress up with them this year.  I didn't get a picture of my boys together, either.  Oh well, we got some good shots anyway.

This was Gentry's first trip trick-or-treating and is his first Halloween.  He wore the same costume Jubal wore on his first Halloween.  He & I stayed on the hayride throughout the night because it was so cold and he already had a cough and I didn't want him to be in the night air too much.  I had him in his car seat with a thick blanket covering it to keep the cold wind off of him.  I don't want any sick babies if I can help it. :)

A little side x side of my boys :)

Jubal, on the other hand, made his rounds with his daddy to every house we passed.  He is at a great age where everything is so exciting to him.  He wanted his daddy to tote him instead of walking, but that's because there was so many other kids running around.  He's still a little unsure of it all.

Jubal wore a lion costume that my friend Melissa bought for him.  He had initially said he wanted to be a "pibate" for Halloween, but I knew we were going to be short on time and I wouldn't ever be able to make the time to get him in costume, so we were glad when he decided he wanted to be a lion.  He practiced his roar for weeks leading up to last night.  Ha! ;)

This year, we went with my BFF, Shawnya, and her family, which I consider my family as well.  Shawnya & I have been BFF's for almost 21 years.  They had decorated a trailer with hay bales and Halloween lights and pumpkins.  It was so cute and very efficient for carrying 10+ kids trick-or-treating.  It was a lot easier than driving a car where you have to stop, get out, get in, go, get the picture.  It was so much fun being with them all.  It's certainly the kind of Halloween memories I enjoy making with my boys.

I love this picture my niece, Lacy, took.  Now I have a pic with sweet Ashton in it, too. :)
It was so funny when Jubal walked up to one house.  They had someone dressed up as a gorilla and bless Jubal's heart, he was scared.  When they hopped back on the trailer, Jubal started waving and yelling, "Bye, Gorilla!  Bye!  See you!"  He was glad to be far, far away. :)

Telling the gorilla goodbye. ;)

We had a wonderful time.  I enjoyed every minute of being with my family & friends.  I hope every year we can get together and celebrate Halloween like this.  I want my boys to grow up and look forward to each holiday simply because we find unique ways to enjoy them.  I love to do fun & different things to celebrate and I want my boys to grow up with traditions.

After we got home and had a little supper, got baths, and got everyone settled in and Gentry in bed, I made some cute little pumpkin krispy treats for Jubal's class at school.  I found the idea on Pinterest, of course. 

They turned out super cute and were very easy to make.  I always want to be the mommy that makes sure do something fun for my boys' friends and classmates for birthdays and holidays.  It's just fun and more than anything I want my boys to have fun in this life they were given.  I want them to know that their mama did everything she could to make sure of that, too.  I just want to make sure my babies are happy & that they KNOW that they are loved more than anything in this world. :)

Happy Halloween!  


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