Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Morning Post

I could probably call this a photo dump, but...I have a couple of videos, too. ;)

First, I want to post some pictures of the day my friend, Melissa, visited and came with all sorts of goodies for my boys.

She found a cute lion costume and couldn't wait to try it on Jubal. Only thing was, Jubal wasn't as excited about it as she was. Ha!

I love how Larson is covering his face, like, "Oh my gosh!"

My poor, sweet boy. ;)

Those teeth look make him really look like a lion.  Ha!

We tried it on him again last night to see if he felt any better about it...

He was still a little whiny and wanted to take it off as soon as we got it on him, but we'll keep working on it.  He says he wants to be a "Pibate" (aka Pirate) for Halloween, so we'll have to wait and see.

Melissa also brought Gentry his first pair of shoes.  We waited until Jubal started walking to buy him his first pair of shoes, which were the little "walking shoes".  We just always kept him in socks.  Larson's theory is, "Why put shoes on them if they can't walk?".  So, okay, but Larson & I both really like these shoes.  They're so cute!

Cute little Buster Browns :)

I couldn't believe the bags of things she brought for them.  Luckily, she has the same taste in little boy clothes as me.  Jubal loved his gorilla & toys the best, though.  I just enjoyed spending time with Melissa & her husband, Curtis.  Never a dull moment with those two.  NEVER!

Moving on...

Gentry's looks are changing so fast.  I almost feel like I need to take a picture everyday, which probably isn't really a bad idea.  I've tried the "photo a day" thing, though, and ended up disappointing myself.  Random pics are best anyway. ;)

My cutie!

He actually had some sweet smiles going on, but trying to hold his little wobbly self up with one hand and snapping pics with the other kept me from catching any of them.  By the time Larson came in to snap a few, he was tired of the camera being in his face, so these were the best I got.  I'll take'em! :)

Last, but not least, I had promised Jubal that we would go to the park after school Thursday, and that we did.  He loves this little park.  There's not even a lot of things to play on, but it's close to our house and on the way home, and hey, if my boy is satisfied, so am I.

The swing is his favorite.  He likes the slide and seesaw, too, but he loves the swings.  That (a swing set) will probably be one of his Christmas presents, either from us or Santa.  We'll have to see if he's a good boy. ;)

And finally, a couple of videos of our time at the park.  Gentry really liked getting to swing with his big brother and I really liked seeing smiles on my boys' faces.

We have no plans for today, thankfully.  It suits me just fine to hang out at home with my little family and watch football and Nick Jr.  Maybe we'll even throw a little something on the grill later.  Who knows?

Happy Saturday! :) 


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