Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Haircut Blues

Jubal has never liked getting his hair cut.  I guess I just assumed that the older he got it would get easier.  Maybe he would grow out of it?

Nope.  My boy still has issues with getting his hair cut.  I still have to hold him in my lap and hold his hands & feet while his daddy holds his head still.  This time was a little easier because Rachel tried cutting it with clippers.  We had tried the clippers before but he went nuts when he heard them, so Rachel has been cutting his hair with scissors, which was hard and seemed to take forever.  This time was a little easier.  I didn't even have to hold his hands & feet down.  Small miracle! ;)

Just after his haircut.  We were still trying to calm him down.  He was so sweaty.

We came prepared with suckers, promising a popsicle when we got home, anything to get him to calm down.  He did better, but he still cried and screamed bloody murder the entire time.  It's stressful on him & us, especially poor Rachel.  She handles it with grace, though. Thanks, Rach!

Look at my little man!  So handsome!

He won't let us put a cape over him.  He goes ape crazy!  Ha!  So, needless to say, we have hair all over all of us.  We just take his shirt off and let him cool off because believe me, he is a hot, sweaty mess when it's all over.  Bless my sweet boy's little heart.

He was keeping his eyes on Rachel, making sure she wasn't going to sneak up on him and snip any more of his hair.  Ha!

He always looks like such a little man afterwards, though.  Hopefully, he will get to where he doesn't mind a haircut.  I hope it's sooner rather than later, though. ;)

You can check out his first haircut here.



  1. I love the fresh hair cut days. I wish they would last longer! He looks so cute.

    1. Thanks! I know. I wish we didn't have to traumatize him once a month. Ha! Sometimes I let it go two months just because I hate putting him through it. :)


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