Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jubal's First Haircut

I wanted to post a few pictures of the day before Jubal's first haircut for comparison, but also to add some pictures of his cousin, Lucee's birthday party we attended on Sunday, 9/11.

Jubal was so funny when we first arrived. There were so many little girls his size running all over the place and I"m not sure he knew what to think. Ha! At first, he wouldn't let go of his daddy. He either had his hand or the hem of his shorts. After observing for about 15 minutes, he finally took a few steps away. Once he realized it was pretty safe, and "Hey! I can run around without Mommy or Daddy scooping me up!", he was making his rounds.

He traumatized the girls! They had a "No Boys Allowed" hideout under the cake table and Jubal wanted in on the action. He busted right up under the tablecloth on them! The girls all started squealing, "No boys allowed!" It was too cute.

This is probably my favorite picture from the party.

My cousin, Sherry takes the most beautiful pics of Jubal.
I want her camera! :)

I also took a few iPhone pics of my little man when he first woke up the morning he turned fourteen months old. He's so precious when he first wakes up. He has a sleepy little smile that melts my heart.

You can see how long my baby boy's hair had gotten. I still wasn't really ready to cut it, but it was getting a little out of control, especially in the back.


Moving on to Jubal's first haircut.


A long-time friend of ours, Rachel, gave him his first haircut.

We initially tried to sit him in the chair, but I ended up getting these pictures and then having to sit with him in my lap to let her cut it. He wasn't very keen on her using the scissors around his ears. Ha!

...and AFTER

My handsome baby boy is now a dashing little man!

Rachel did exactly what I asked and I love how it turned out! We had actually tried to get it cut the weekend before at one of the Walmart style shops, only because they're open on Sundays and Larson wanted to be there, too.
The girl there only wanted to use clippers.
Yeah right! I wasn't going to let her scalp my baby. Ha!
Jubal wasn't going for that anyway. 
As soon as he heard them, he started screaming & crying.

 We'll probably have to get it cut once a month now because I swear just since Monday it's thickened up sooo much.
I am proud of how it looks now, though. He's such a cutie!

My little boy is growing up.
I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.

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