Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fourteen Months

Jubal Talon,

Where do I even begin?

You are transforming into a little man right before my eyes, yet it is still so hard to believe. You have been trying to do so many new things for awhile, and now you're finally able to do them all well.

My newborn has now become my toddler. How bittersweet. I sit here with tears in my eyes, yet a prideful smile on my face. You do make me so proud to be your mommy, sweet boy.

Your vocabulary seems to have expanded overnight. You say just about anything you hear. Your pronunciation isn't the best, of course, but we understand you. Your newest word is "dog". I know I'll leave some out, but I'll try to list things you say:

Hey, hello (with a phone to your ear, pronounced "Low"), Mama, Dada, Lannah (your cousin), bye bye (you're still learning to wave), Boz (our Chihuahua), no, thank you, welcome, please, want, baby, and dog. Those are ones you say freely, but you will say just about anything we ask you to.

You love music. Anytime there's a rhythm, you're dancing. We love watching you clap & dance. You always look at us to make sure we're watching you, too. You're such an entertainer!

You are still such a happy boy! I thank God for that. I feel like He surely blessed us because we waited so long, faithfully, for you. You have always been happy. You wake up with a smile on your face and smile at me when I sing you to sleep at night.

I love how you are so observant when you first enter a new scene. You will sit back & watch everything and everybody until you feel comfortable straying a few steps from your daddy or me.

Your favorite programs to watch are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Wonder Pets, The Backyardigans, Go Diego, Bubble Guppies, and any game show, especially Wheel of Fortune. I think you like the sounds of excitement on the game shows.

You love this horse. It plays Old McDonald and you dance to it, too. It was Alannah's when she was little. She brought it to Mammaw's for you to play with.

You love to play with any kind of ball. Football, baseball, tennis ball, soccer ball, golf ball, it doesn't matter. We are hoping that you will be athletic. Your daddy loves sports, especially football & baseball. He loved playing baseball. My favorite sport has always been softball. Even when I didn't play, I enjoyed keeping the books & scoreboard.

You want to stay in water. If we let you outside, we have to make sure you don't go dive head first into your little swimming pool. If we don't let you at least splash your hands in it, then you get very upset.

This past Sunday morning, we took you outside with us to sit out back on the deck and it wasn't long until you were soaked, so we took your diaper off and let you just get in. After you were finished playing in the pool, you wanted to run around the yard...butt naked!

You are still on the small side. You're short-legged like your daddy, bless your heart. You only weigh 21 lbs. Your clothes are all size 12 month now, at least. Your shorts are a little long on you, though. You're still the most handsome fella ever to your mama. ;)

You eat anything, and I do mean anything. We haven't really found anything you didn't like. You especially like anything with cheese. Cheese toast, grilled cheese sandwich, cheetos, cheese grits, cheese eggs, broccoli & cheese, squash casserole, etc. I'm so proud that you like all veggies, too.

You love the vacuum. You will even go to the closet that we keep it in and practically beg us to get it out. We vacumm several times a week, sometimes several times a day. I think you like making messes so we will vacuum again. Ha!

You still only have six teeth. You have the most beautiful smile, though. Your pediatrician isn't worried about it. He says they'll come when they're supposed to.

You wear a size 4 wide shoe. Your sandals are size 3 and slightly too big. You don't like sandals, though. If we put them on you, you take them off. I think you prefer to be barefoot like your mama. Your daddy, too, for that matter. :)

We took you to get your first haircut on your 14 mth. birthday. That's another post, though.

There's so much more that I'm sure I'm leaving out. I always do. I want to write down everything so I don't forget. You can bet that even if it doesn't get written down, it will forever be tucked away inside my heart. Everything you do is special. YOU are special.

I want you to know that you are so loved by two people who love each other very much, as well. We weathered many storms before you came along and that only made us stronger. We want to teach you the true value of family. God willing, we will always be able to provide a secure, stable home for you.

I love you, sweet angel. You are still and always will be my greatest blessing from God.


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