Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just Another Phone Dump

All I have today is a few pictures to share.
It's been one of those weeks that you're just thankful to get home after work.
We did take the boys to the park twice this week, but that's as exciting as we got.
We have a busy, fun weekend planned, starting today and I'm so excited!
We're going to the fair this evening and to the pumpkin patch tomorrow afternoon. I charged my camera, so maybe I'll have more than iPhone pics to share in my next post. ;)
For now, here's a few phone pics I wanted to share.

Jubal loves going out to his Papa's house and riding his Mule & Scag.

I love holding my babies and rocking them to sleep. 
There's nothing better than having their warm little bodies against my chest, listening to them breathe. 
These are definitely moments I cherish.

This was after work one evening while supper was cooking and Gentry just wanted to be held, so I started snapping pics. 
He's such a happy baby & I'm so proud he is. 
After the mini photo session, I leaned back in the recliner and sat him up on my belly while playing & talking to him and he laughed out loud for the first time!
The sweetest laugh ever!!!

This was my view last night while we ate supper at my mama's. 
He was so sleepy.
He fell asleep around 7 and ended up sleeping the rest of the night.
His caregivers at daycare said he slept a lot the day before, too.
Maybe another growth spurt?

I can't wait until tonight!
I can't wait to post again & share some more of our memories!
There's nothing better than spending fun, quality time with my family.

Happy Saturday!


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