Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Erythema Multiforme

Thankfully, our home is illness free now, but the past couple of weeks were rough. Both boys had Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. They both ran fever for seven days straight.  Their mouths were so sore and they couldn't really eat anything for days.  We made one trip to the ER on a Saturday evening to try and find some relief for them.  The doctor checked for strep & flu, and thankfully both tests were negative.  She prescribed Magic Mouthwash and sent us home to continue to treat the fever.

By Monday, Gentry had the most awful "rash" I had ever seen.  I knew it wasn't a HFM rash, so we opted to take them both back to their pediatrician.  Jubal was actually getting better, other than his mouth being sore and still running a mild fever, but my poor Gentry looked miserable even though he was still all smiles.

I was trying to get a picture of his gums.
Both boys' gums were blood red & swollen so bad
that even when they tried to eat a popsicle, their gums would bleed. 
It was awful! :(

Turns out, Gentry had a reaction to the infection (HFM) his body was trying to fight off already.  He had Erythema Multiforme.  These pictures don't even show how bad it was.  We had to give him a steroid along with Benadryl for five days.  After the second day, he started showing signs of improvement.  By the fifth day he was well.  The huge splotches all went away, and he was able to go back to school on Friday after being out since the previous week's Wednesday.

At BK for lunch after our doctor's visit.

Both boys were fever-free by Wednesday as predicted by their pediatrician.  Jubal was able to return to school on Thursday, and boy was he happy to go back.  They were both suffering cabin fever.  I was happy to be back in our normal routine, too. 

It's tough seeing your babies sick and being able to do very little, except keep them comfortable. They were so hungry, but couldn't eat.  They cried and just wanted to be held.  I pray for my boys and thank God for their health every single day.  I know God watches over my boys, and I prayed extremely hard for Him to heal them, and that Gentry didn't have anything severe.  He always answers.  I give Him thanks for always watching over us, for our health, for everything He has blessed me with in this life.


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