Thursday, October 9, 2014

Some Things

Today's post won't have cute pictures. It is simply a post of things that make me smile, that I always want to remember about when my boys were small. Things they say, things they do.

I know I'm going to miss their little hands and feet, the way their hair smells when they've just gotten out of the bath.  Their sticky kisses, and their silly ways.

Right now, Gentry still goes to daycare.  He loves Ms. Raegan.  He has learned all of his colors. I love how he says Yellow.  He says it just like Jubal did and still does occasionally.  "Lello".  He is getting so much more independent.  Often, he'll tell us to let him do it by himself.  "Me do it", he'll say.  It is so funny to see him mad.  Sometimes, he'll run to the nearest couch, chair, etc. and just throw his little head down into his arms and cry out.  It's so pitiful, yet so cute.  Also, when he's mad, he'll fold his little arms over his chest, poke out his bottom lip, and say, "I'm mad!"  You can't help but giggle.  This morning Jubal stayed home due to a mild fever.  Larson stayed home with him.  When Gentry & I got in the car for me to take him to daycare, he got so upset.  He's so into our routine, and he didn't want me to leave without his daddy & bubba.  His facial expression broke my heart.  I mean he was literally broken-hearted.  His little eyes welled up with tears, his bottom lip fell into a frown and began to quiver, and he was just genuinely sad.  I had to call Larson so he could put his phone on speaker and he & Jubal could talk to Gentry all the way to school.

He's ready to be potty trained, but is being very rebellious about it.  He recognizes when he needs to go, but instead of going to the bathroom, he'll go behind our loveseat.  We'll try to get him out to take him quickly to the bathroom, but he won't use the toilet.  After he poops, he then wants to sit on the toilet.  He'll tell us he wants his diaper changed when he pees or poops, but will make no effort to keep the diaper dry or clean.  He thinks it's funny, too.

Gentry has the most beautiful lips.  You can ask for some sugar and he'll give you the sweetest pucker ever.  He likes to kiss your cheeks, forehead, and if your face is too high for him to get to, he'll kiss your hand or leg.  He is such a loving little boy. 

He asks lots of questions.  His favorite is, "What's that sound?", with the cutest inquisitive look on his face.  He is interested in so many different things, yet nothing really specific, except maybe cars.  He has his little collection in a bucket that he totes all over the house.  He loves Peppa Pig.  He never really took any interest in TV until recently and Peppa Pig and Bubble Guppies keep him entertained for at least 30 minutes a day.  He calls his cup his baba.  When he gets ready for bed, he likes having it and a receiving blanket (which he calls his burp cloth because that's what I always threw over my shoulder when burping them, so that's what I called it) to cuddle with.  He falls asleep rubbing the tag between his fingers.  He'll get very upset and want to know where  that tag is, too, if he can't find it.  "Where my tag go?", he'll say.  He will wake up in the middle of the night slinging that "burp cloth", looking for that tag, too.

I love when we're riding in the car and a song come on that he's familiar with.  He'll start bobbing his little head and sing every word that he knows.  A few favorites are Turn Down For What, All About That Bass, and Burnin' It Down.  He and Jubal both love music and singing.  It's the cutest thing to look in my mirror and see them both back there smiling and singing their little hearts out.

As for Jubal, he is acting like a big boy most of the time now.  He gives his teachers a run for their money most days at school.  They say he is very talkative and busy.  I say he is more than likely bored because he already knows most everything they are teaching the class right now.  His K-3 teacher, Mrs. Diane has already taught him most of what they are teaching, and even though I understand that other children in his class did not have the opportunity Jubal had by going to GCA, they should be able to find ways to keep his mind occupied.  They never text or call to say what a great day Jubal has had, but you best believe they are quick to inform me when he's had a "bad" day, according to them.  I'm very frustrated, to say the least.  I personally requested this teacher because I knew her, but I think they're not taking the time to fully connect with Jubal.  I've never had any other teachers have any problem with him.  Actually, all of his other teachers adored him and his energy.  They loved talking to him.  He has a large vocabulary, and is so much fun to have a conversation with.  I never want anyone to dim his shine.  He is genuinely a good boy.  I'm not just saying that because he's mine, either.  He will try you, and drain you of all your energy some days, but not because he's being necessarily "bad", just because he is so full of energy and LIFE.  He loves to laugh and talk and play.  He's happy.

He likes to color and draw, write his name, and practice cutting.  He will sit at the table for hours drawing things then cutting them out of construction paper.  He loves taking care of his virtual pet on his iPad.  He can work my phone better than me, I think.  He loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Transformers.  He was Leo last year for Halloween, but has requested to be a police officer this year.  My daddy would be proud.  He loves guns and swords, and still has a passion for playing ball.

His best friend right now is Garrett Goodell.  He is from a military family, but they have made their home in our small town.  Jubal just recently went on his first play date to Garrett's without either Larson or myself being there.  I'm just not the type of mom that has ever wanted to leave my babies anywhere.  They've been left with a babysitter twice, in our own home, though, for only a couple of hours.  My sister, Granny Pauline, and Larson's mama have kept them for short periods of time at times, but I can count on two hands the number of times.  I do not like letting my boys just stay with anyone.  I trust Garrett's parents, though, and Jubal had an awesome time while there.

Jubal is a little jealous of Gentry.  I have to explain to him often that Gentry loves me, too, and he's my baby, too.  Gentry likes to snuggle with me, but Jubal can't stand it.  He gets right up between Gentry & I.  When I make him get on the other side, he nearly cries.  Jubal is definitely a snuggler.  Gentry likes his space, but Jubal likes to get as close as possible.  He enjoys giving me lots of sugar.  He also likes running his fingers through my hair.  Look out future wife! ;)

I love these boys so very much.  They are what keeps me going.  Some days I'm so tired and all I want to do is go home from work and crash across my bed.  However, there is supper to be cooked, dishes to be washed, baths to be given, and two little boys that still like to be held to go to sleep.  They will one day be grown, but I hope they never outgrow my arms.  As long as they'll let me hold them, I will.


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