Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Silly Gentry

Gentry has been doing some of the funniest things lately. He is so cute, too. I don't know where he got these things from, but I hope he always has the same little sense of humor.

First, he has started saying, "Sup, Mom?"  It is hilarious!  He'll be in his car seat, and I'll be driving along, and he'll just bust out with it.  I always say, "Sup, Gent?"  If I'm busy doing something and he wants my attention, he'll say it again.  The sweetest thing!

He is seriously funny when he does his fake cry.  I noticed it a few weeks ago when we were on our way to pick up Larson.  I thought something was wrong when I noticed him in the rear view mirror just being silly.  He'll poke out his lips, throw his head back, close his eyes tight, and make the silliest cry.  I got him to do it for some friends the other night and we all laughed hysterically.  Once he knew he was entertaining us, he continued until I had to tell him that was enough.  I have some pics, but I really want to get a video so I can always remember what it sounded like, too. :)

Notice Larson in the background doing it, too. ;)

He knows he's a silly boy.  Look at that smile. :)

He's been sick since last Wednesday.  He & Jubal have both had a fever that we couldn't get rid of for more than a couple of hours at a time.  Turns out it is HFM.  Gentry's far worse than Jubal, though.  I feel bad for each of them because of the blisters in their mouths, but Gentry is having a bad reaction to the infection causing a skin condition the doctor calls Erythema Multiforme.  He is pitiful.  Hopefully he will be well soon.  Jubal gets to go back to school Thursday, and Gentry should be ready to go back to daycare Friday.  That's what we're hoping for anyway.

I'll post more on this week of them being sick later.  I want to post some pics of what the "rash" looks like.


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