Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Our Easter was great.
The festivities began Friday at school for Gentry.
His class had a little Easter party.
He was tickled to get to hand out the treats he, Jubal, and I made.
We made homemade sugar cookies with M&Ms, and 
chocolate-dipped marshmallows with sprinkles.   

We went and had our usual supper with my mama Friday evening.  
She gave each of the boys a Ninja Turtle egg filled with candy.  
They loved it.

On Saturday, Jubal had a birthday party to attend.
He was very excited about going since Brady is a little older than he is.
Brady is very into Star Wars right now, so his party was Star Wars themed.
They had a great time and Jubal was proud to be a part of it.

I had planned to dye a few eggs with the boys Saturday night, but
all of us were just so tired I decided to wait.
Instead, Larson & I loaded the boys in the car and took a ride out 
on some old back roads while the boys chatted away until they fell asleep.

Sunday morning, Jubal woke up bright & early, excited to dye eggs.
He went to wake Gentry up so we could get started.
I love these pictures of their freshly wakened faces and their bed head. :)

No clue why this first pic is red like this.

Putting our vinegar in the water.


Now to move on to painting them with gold overlay for a pretty shine.

We only dyed six eggs because we filled 60 plastic eggs with candy the night before.
I just feel like that's a lot of real eggs that go to waste.
You can only make so much egg salad.  Ha!
I do enjoy dying eggs with my boys, though.
This year I was able to let them do most of it alone, 
and they had so much fun being big boys.
They're at such a great, fun age right now.


The biggest difference this year is that we spent Easter with my BFF's family.
My sister couldn't make it home from Warner Robins, my mama
didn't feel like getting out in the rain since it rained most 
of the day and she is disabled, and Larson's family didn't come, either.

We had a wonderful time, though, and the boys had so many other kids to play with.
Our friends have their Easter at their pond house in the country 
where there's plenty of room for the kids to run & play.

We didn't let the rain slow us down any, either.
The adults got out there in the rain and hid eggs, and
the kids didn't mind hunting them in the pouring rain. :)

Gentry was super tired when we got there, but snapped out of it when the other kids arrived.

We all ate a huge meal that a king would have killed for,
then the kids got soaked finding the eggs.

We had such a good day.
I'm so thankful for my family even though we couldn't be together this year.
I'm thankful for friends that are just like family and accept us into theirs.
I'm thankful for Jesus dying for my sins.
I'm most thankful, though, that his tomb is empty.
He arose!!!

I hope everyone who reads this had a blessed Easter.


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