Tuesday, March 22, 2016


While basically everyone we know was celebrating St. Patrick's Day at Shellman's Bluff this weekend, ours started off with Jubal's first ever baseball practice Friday night.

For his first time ever being pitched to by someone or something other than his daddy, he hammered that baseball from the pitching machine.  I'm so proud of him, and I hope that where he is weak that by the time his first season is over, he'll be on top of his game.

He's really good at everything except catching.  He's still very nervous about the ball hitting him.  I know he'll get it, though. :)

I had to work Saturday, as usual, but as soon as I got off I met Larson & the boys at Judd & Mandy's for Hunter's 6-month "Remission Party".  We're so happy he is well right now, and we had an awesome time celebrating his life with him.

They had a HUGE water slide. Jubal was freezing his little booty off.

Me & my BFF's sister, Rebecca.

Sunday, we went out to Tiffany's "Salon Warming Party".  The boys had a blast since we were on a farm, and there were so many play sets & toys for them to play with.  Enough dirt to last a little boy a lifetime. ;)

I'm so proud of Tiffany for finding something she enjoys doing and opening her very own shop.  The party was fun.  We played games, ate until we were all about to have to be rolled out of there, and she got plenty of stuff for her new salon.

This was our gift to her.  A little something to decorate her salon with.

It was fun being with family & friends all weekend.  The weather was gorgeous, and we even got the yard spring ready.  I love my little family & all of my friends!


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