Friday, March 18, 2016

Let's Play Catch Up

I just realized that I haven't even posted about our Valentines Day excursion to see Laney & GiGi yet. I will get on that as soon as I download the videos off of Larson's phone. I've been meaning to do it, and keep forgetting.  I have a couple of pictures, but Larson has all the good ones on his phone.  It's already past St. Patrick's Day, and I still haven't posted anything about V Day.  Crazy!  I must do better. Ha!

I'm going to do a little catching up today, though.  Just the little things that we've had going on lately.  Nothing extraordinary, just every day life, but that's what I love.  My every day life with my people.

First up, we took the boys for their semi-annual dentist appointment.  That trip always calls for a visit to Chuck E Cheese's.  We asked if they wanted to go there or Get Air Savannah and they picked CEC.  Old habits die hard. ;)

Gentry got Hadley a pretty little butterfly ring with the tickets he won.  He is so sweet & thoughtful.  Jubal got him a dinosaur skeleton.  Afterwards, I had an eye appointment so the boys went and did a little shopping at Target to pass the time.  

It was a fun day together.

I got these pictures from Mrs. Diane last week.  Gentry & Hadley.  Always together.  I hope they always have a wonderful friendship, even as teenagers.  It wouldn't hurt my feelings if they ended up together as adults. ;)

Lastly, this year's Rattlesnake Roundup was different for me.  I woke up with a terrible ear ache, and I had to work so Larson took the boys, including Jubal's best buddy, Garrett, and they rode in the parade together.  After lots of candy & fun, they came back to see me for a minute or two, then they left to go to the festival.

We met back up when I got off work, and went home to put the water slide up for the boys since it was 85° outside on March 12th.  Wow!  It's going to be a hot summer, I think.


Jubals' first baseball practice is tonight at 6.  It's not a typical time, but the Rec Dept. is trying to fit it all together right now.  We'll find out his team name tonight, too.  I'm so excited for him, seeing how excited he is.  I'll post more about that when he plays his first game. :)


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