Saturday, April 29, 2017

Pre-K Field Trips

Gentry has been on several field trips this year. I haven't gotten to attend his field trips with him, but thankfully I get pictures from other mothers that do get to go. They've gone to the local nursing home to visit and sing to the residents there, they've gone to the movies to see Trolls, so many I can't even remember them all.

More recently, they have gone to the park for their Easter egg hunt.  It was a cold, windy day so they didn't get to have their picnic there as planned, but they did get to hunt the eggs.  I have a couple of pics of him with his class on that trip to share.

With their teachers, Ms. Alisa & Mrs. Joanna


Most recently, they went strawberry pickin' at a local farm.  He was so excited about his strawberries, but had to leave them at school since they were unable to go back in to get them after our elementary school had a small fire and the kids were evacuated.  There was smoke, so the children remained outside, unable to get their belongings at the end of the day to bring home.

Luckily, no children were harmed.  The teachers, first responders, firemen, and policemen all did an excellent job getting our children to safety in a timely & organized manner.  I'm very proud of our little school, and trust my boys' teachers with all my heart. :)

Gentry is on the left, peeping around, smiling.

As much as I wish I could be there with my baby boy, at least he gets to participate and have a fun time, with or without me.  Thankfully, this school year is almost over.  My boys are starting to hate having to get up for school each day.  They are ready for summer break.

So am I.


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