Thursday, April 18, 2013


I can't believe I'm just now posting about our Easter. It has slipped right by me. 

We didn't do anything major this year.  Larson wasn't feeling well and I didn't even get any pictures of my boys on Easter Sunday. :(

I did take some pictures of the little treats I made for Jubal's classmates and for his little party at school.  Of course, these pictures were taken on Thursday evening before Larson became ill on Saturday. 

Little candy-filled pails for his classmates.

Fruity Pebbles Treats via Pinterest

We did manage to dye plenty of eggs and get Jubal & Gentry to several egg hunts.  Jubal had one at school on Friday, then he also got to hunt eggs with Alannah at his Granny's house on Saturday, and then again on Sunday at our house with Mammaw, Gigi, and Alannah.

Gentry basically just enjoyed crawling around in the grass, but he was part of each egg hunt nevertheless. :) 

I so wish I had pictures of my boys in their cute little matching Easter outfits.  Maybe I'll dress them back up and have an impromptu mini photo session of my own. ;)


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