Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sunny With A Chance Of Puddles

We've definitely been spending more time outside. I love Spring! Next to Fall it's my favorite season. Our winters are pretty mild, but it gets downright HOTTT in the summer. So, it goes without saying, we're getting as much out of this nice warm weather as we can.

It won't be long, however, and there will be trips to the pool, river, and beach.  I hope Gentry likes the water as much as Jubal does.  Jubal is already asking to go to the river.  We haven't been to the beach since right before Jubal was born so it's time.  I can't wait to see my baby boys digging in the sand and running in the great wide open. :)


Jubal and Gentry have been soaking up the sunshine lately.  I caught Jubal catching some rays while we sat out on our back deck last weekend.  He's so cute!

Gentry absolutely loves it outside.  When we take him inside, he cries for at least five minutes.  He enjoys crawling around in the grass, but his favorite thing is the wagon.  He loves for anyone, especially his daddy, to pull him around in the wagon.

Even when it rains, we try to have a good time outside.  Jubal loves running in puddles.  I seriously think he has an obsession with water.  It was funny, though, just seconds after taking these pics, it came a downpour and Jubal was caught right in the middle of it.  He was soaked.  All he could do was pout.  He was in pure shock.  Hilarious!

Thankfully, Larson was close enough to the car with Gentry that he just hopped in it.  I had walked inside and missed everything, but I bet it was a sight to be seen.

We are really enjoying our time together.  The weather, rain or shine, has been wonderful.  I can't wait to make all kinds of great memories in the coming weeks.  Thank you, Lord, for these precious times with my family.


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