Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Up On The Rooftop

Larson thinks it's funny to scare me with this, but at least I did get a picture of it without shaking too badly.

FACT: I am terribly afraid of heights and/or falling.

Jubal saw Larson get on top of the house to get a toy/ball that had gotten thrown/kicked up there.  I don't even remember now.  This traumatized me, literally.  Jubal wanted to get up there, too, so Larson let him sit with him for a few minutes.  No fear in this kid I tell you.

Almost gave his mama a heart attack, though.  Now, Jubal even asks to get up there.  Larson will call me out and tell me to come look.  I can't bring myself to look and tell Larson he better get my baby down right now!

He just giggles at me.  Boys.  My boys. :) 


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  1. Aahhhhh, boys. I have two of them, 14 and 6. And they are busy getting up to mischief, and snuggling their mum. Love the pictures of your little family. Thank you for stopping by blog today x


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