Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Gentry Slade,

You have grown into such a fun, happy, sweet little soon-to-be ONE year old!
You are full of attitude & one bossy little boy. ;)

I can't believe how well you get around. 
You still haven't let go of your little walking buddy toy, but as long as you've got your hands on something, you're walking around. 
You'll definitely walk unassisted before you turn one.

You only say "Dada", "baba" and "Bubba" right now. 
You squeal a lot, though.  I love to hear you laugh.  You have the giddiest laugh ever.
Your cry is pitiful.  Much more pitiful than your brother's ever was.  It's usually him making you cry.  He doesn't mean to, he just thinks you're tough. ;)

You're beginning to look like a little toddler boy.
You wear all 12 month clothes and could easily transition into 18 month clothing already.

You have six teeth.
Four on top and two on the bottom.
It's so funny because instead of your top two middle teeth coming in first,
the two on the outside did.
It looked like you had fangs for awhile.

When your daddy took you to the doctor 2 weeks ago, you weighed 21.7 lbs. 
He couldn't remember how tall they said you were. 
We'll find out at your 12 month visit, though.

We bought you your first pair of walking shoes this weekend.
I've been trying to find you some but couldn't find a size 3 anywhere.
We finally got them, though. 
It was so funny watching you when we first put them on you. 
You high-stepped like a Clydesdale. 
So funny!

We've already begun transitioning you to cow milk.
You seem to really like it and it hasn't affected your tummy at all.
You only drink 2-3 milk bottles a day anymore, and 1 juice bottle.

You love trying out different table foods, but aren't real good with different textures. 
You prefer smooth foods. 
You like mashed potatoes with lots of gravy, grits, and you still eat some cereal.
You love Cheetos, Puffs, and puff corn.

If you could stay outside all day you would. 
Only thing better would be staying outside in your wagon. 
You love that wagon.

I can't wait until you first birthday party. 
I've already got your little shirt and hat for the occasion. 
The cake is actually going to match you shirt.
We're going to celebrate your first year of life with us so good! :)
Here's a sneak peek...

This girl is awesome when it comes to embroidery.

Well, I guess that's about it for updates this month. 
The next time I post about your age you will be an entire year old. 
Goodness, little one, slow down.

Just always know that no matter how old you get or how grown you think you are, you will always be my baby boy. 
I love you.  We all love you.  You are so, so loved, Gentry.

Love Always,

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