Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mammaw's Walker Part II

I've posted before about my mama's walker.  It was my daddy's before he passed away in September of 2010, the day before Jubal turned 8 weeks old.

This particular walker is special to me.  My daddy used the walker for everything after losing part of his leg to diabetes.  When he came to see Jubal in the hospital right after he was born, this was where my daddy was sitting when we placed his firstborn grandson in his arms.

Jubal walked while holding onto this walker before he learned to walk unassisted.  He loved being pushed around on it as well.  It was one of his favorite things to do at his Mammaw's house.

Now, my littlest boy is pretty infatuated with this old walker, too.  He is using it as something to hold onto to walk around at Mammaw's and he gets mad if you don't push him around on it.

As you can see, Jubal hasn't given the walker up yet, either.  He refuses to let his baby brother have all the fun.

If you look closely you can see where the black, soft rubber foam has been chewed off by (none other than) Jubal through the past couple of years.

This walker has turned out to be useful for many things.  It helped my daddy, it helps my mama, it has helped Jubal learn to walk and been amusement for him while at Mammaw's, and now my youngest is using it as a way to get around and loves playing on it, too.

I'm not real sure I'll be able to get rid of it should we never need it anymore.  There's just too much sentimental value invested in it.  It's certainly been almost like a part of the family. :)


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