Wednesday, May 22, 2013


We've been having lots of fun on the weekends playing outside in the beautiful sunshine.  Jubal's buddy (my BFF's little girl), Olivia even came over for awhile to play.  She's a little diva so we couldn't hardly get her to get dirty, but Jubal tried to show her how to climb trees and he let her ride the four wheeler with him.

The day was gorgeous.  While Olivia jumped on the trampoline, Jubal pulled Gentry around in the wagon.  He's such a good big brother.

They played their little hearts out all afternoon.  When we finally went inside, Jubal got up next to me on the couch and fell asleep.  After I got up, he was still sitting just like he was up against me.  I had to get a picture.  So sweet!

It wasn't too long, though, and he & Olivia were back outside riding the four wheeler again while Darla & I sat on the back deck and enjoyed some adult conversation since Mr. Gentry was napping.

We've also been going to the park more lately.  When we took the boys last weekend, it was packed.  There were more bigger kids than kids Jubal or Gentry's age, so we decided to go to a little park owned by our local FBC.  They were having a birthday party there and we didn't want to intrude, so we ended up taking them to Mickey D's to play on the playground there.

It worked out fine and we were able to grab a bite to eat there, which kept me out of the kitchen that evening, too.  Thank goodness for night's off. ;)

At first, I kept Gentry with me, but he's at the age now where he wants to go, go, go.  He saw his brother and daddy having fun and he wanted in on it, too.

It's been really nice to be able to get out and enjoy playtime with my boys.  Poor Jubal, however, is severely allergic to mosquitoes we have found out and we've been going in a little earlier before they get so bad.  We'll just have to keep him sprayed down so he can enjoy being outside more in the evenings when it gets hotter.

We've just been having a great time with our boys and being together as a family every chance we get.  That's what's important to us. :)


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