Thursday, May 9, 2013

First Best Friend

When Jubal began going to daycare at 9 months old I was a blubbering mess. After him being with my mama, GiGi, and Granny Pauline his whole short life, I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockers to leave him at daycare.

Jacob's last day at daycare~5/7/13

Anyway, Jubal transitioned easily going to daycare versus staying at my mama's.  He met his very first best friend in that little nursery and they have been best buddies ever since.  Born only days apart in July 2010, they even had the same initials, making their teachers have to write their whole name out instead of simply writing their initials on certain things.

This little fella's name is Jacob Seefeld.  Every day when we wake Jubal up for school and ask him who he's ready to go see, he always, always says Jacob.  He talks about Jacob at home all the time, too.  They had their little squabbles, but they were the best of buds.

Jacob's last day at daycare was Tuesday.  His father is in the Army and they are moving to another state.  I was so sad for Jubal Tuesday afternoon when we picked him up and he had to tell Jacob goodbye, not just until the next day, but indefinitely.  He may never see Jacob again and it makes me sad because this boy was my boy's very first best friend.  They hugged and chattered for a bit, then we had to leave.

This is one of the first pictures I have of them together.  They were about 15 months old.

Jubal may be young enough that it doesn't affect him much and he will more than likely not even remember his first best friend later, but that's what I'm here save these sweet, precious memories.  They may not mean much to him one day, but right now they are everything to me.


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