Tuesday, April 9, 2013

There's this boy...

You see, there's this sweet, little boy who smiles with his entire face that just turned TEN months old!  He is precious and gives us a thousand reasons a day to smile with our whole face. 

That boy is YOU, Gentry Slade! :)

You have been on the move, little one.  You pull up on everything, walk while holding on to something, and crawl faster than we can keep up.  You want to let go and run so badly, but each time you let go, you fall.  You'll get it soon, though, and then you'll be able to keep up with your bubby, which is what you really want anyway. :)

You said "Dada" for the first time this past week.  You & Jubal both said "Dada" first.  It's okay, though.  My feelings aren't hurt.  I know who your "favorite" is.  Just kidding.  You & Jubal both love your daddy soooo much.  Matter of fact, sometimes I do think y'all are quite the "daddy's boys".

I can't even comprehend where all the time has gone.  You went from newborn to infant to an almost toddler overnight it seems.  When you learned to sit up on your own, nothing could stop you after that!

You still eat mostly Stage 2 and 3 baby food (veggies & fruit), but we feed you a lot more new things from the table, too.  You are a great eater now.  For some reason it took a little longer for you to really enjoy eating.

Your top four teeth have broken through. It's kind of funny that the two top outside teeth broke through before the top front middle ones.  Looked like you were growing fangs for a second there. ;)  You now have 6 teeth with two more bottom ones working their way in, too.

You seriously love being outside.  We let you crawl around in the grass and you go everywhere.  You like to pull up on your wagon and pick grass to put in it.  It's so cute watching you "work". :)

Jubal is still you best buddy.  He gets a little rough with you sometimes and we have to scold him.  He loves you so much, but he doesn't understand that you're still not big enough to play certain ways.  You adore him, though, even when he makes you cry.

You are our baby.  The baby of the family.  A handsome little guy that brings us so much happiness.  We love you so much.  I never doubted God knew what He was doing when He surprised us with you.  I just hope that I'm the mama He wants me to be for you, and for Jubal, too.

Always know that your mama & daddy love you, son.  More than you will ever know.

Love you forever,

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