Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Zoo

We went to the zoo this past Sunday and had so much fun.  I wasn't sure if Jubal would enjoy it as much as we were anticipating for him to, but he had a blast!  Gentry even enjoyed it.  He stayed awake the entire four hours we were there and never even whined.  Nope, not even a little whimper.  He was into watching everyone and checking everything out.

We had such a wonderful time!  It was overcast and only got up to 71 degrees and the wind was blowing pretty good, which made for a very comfortable time.  It did sprinkle on us near the end of our visit, but we didn't mind.  We were having too much fun. ;)

The first thing Jubal wanted to see was the lion.  We talked about going for almost two weeks before we actually went and all he kept talking about was lions and gorillas.  So, we saw the lion first.  It was so cute hearing Jubal roar like a lion.  He was so excited.  Only one thing would have made it any better to him and that's if he could have petted the lion.  Yes, Jubal, NO! ;)

These pictures crack me up.  Jubal was so ready to see the real gorilla and when we put him up on this fake one, I could not get a smile out of him.  I tried.  Ha!

He was all smiles when we got to see the real gorilla, though.  The gorilla seemed sad that day.  He wouldn't get up or walk around or anything.  He did look up at us a couple of times, but otherwise he just sat there looking down.  Poor fella.

We also got to see the new baby monkey with its mama.  Jubal thought it was funny how the baby climbed up on the mama and she walked around with him hanging off of her.  The baby finally got down so I could get a picture, but it wasn't long before the daddy came out and took him away from his mama and made him go inside.  So cute!

Next up was the alligators.  I didn't get any pictures of the actual gators, but there was one that looked like the one Troy caught on Swamp People when he whooped the Texans. HA! ;)

The sweet deer just stood there.  The baby was lying nearby.  Larson was really into showing Jubal all of the animals.  He's been talking about visiting the zoo since we found out we were having a boy when I was pregnant with Jubal.  He's such a great daddy!

My favorite are the giraffes.  They are just beautiful creatures to me.  So friendly.  Not intimidating at all.  Jubal was absolutely thrilled to get to feed one.  I was pretty excited that he got to feed one, too.

Even though he wasn't too happy with the fake gorilla, he actually liked the fake elephant.  He liked climbing on his trunk, really.

We couldn't get too close to the live elephants because, as we were told, they like to throw rocks and such.  I was pretty happy we weren't close because one of the elephants picked up a tire with his truck and threw it over his back.  Yeah, I'm glad we kept a distance.

That poor leopard walked back and forth on one short little path all day long.  Every time we passed it, it was still walking back and forth.  Finally, when we passed by on our way out that afternoon, it had finally gotten tired because it had decided to lie down on a branch of the tree.

Those pink flamingos were so pretty.  I had to get a picture of them just because they remind me of my BFF, Darla. ;)

Larson made a pit stop for a funnel cake and coke so we sat down beside the fountain to munch out.  Jubal had just had his one & only meltdown of the day after we left the play area.  I will give it to him, though, it was well past his nap time and he held up fabulously the whole time up until then.  Anyway, he was still catching his breath from being so upset when he saw the fountain.  He wanted to touch the water and it was beginning to sprinkle on us anyway, so why not?

I finally got to get in a couple of pictures. Yay, me! Proof I was really there. ;)

I'm so happy I got to ride the merry-go-round with my boy.  Usually Larson gets this pleasure, but this time it was me & my big boy.

These pictures were taken on our way out after we had gotten wet from the rain.  I'm really loving my hair.  NOT!  The first pic was bombed by a kid, but I like it so I'm keeping it.  I'm just glad to have a picture of us together, wet & all.

It was a good day.  A very, very good day.  My boys were fascinated, the weather was awesome, and the memories are worth more than any money could buy.  Gentry was asleep before we ever even pulled out of the parking spot we were parked in.  Jubal was asleep before we made it back to the interstate.  They were worn out.

Yes, it was a good day. :)


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