Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bright, Sunshiny Days

Praise the Lord! We have been having some beautiful days here in good ol' SE Georgia. My babies are getting some much needed outside time. They have cabin fever after being shut in all winter. My boys love, love, love to be outside. I don't blame them. So do I. :)

We've been playing at the park frequently and this past weekend we took the boys to what we'll call a giant sandbox.  Our friends, Adam & Michelle, called and asked us to bring the boys to play with their girls for awhile on Sunday.  The weather was perfect and the kids all ended up playing for a good two hours.  It was good times for them and some relaxing time for us.

This particular day was after we took Jubal to register for Pre-K.  He requested to go to the park, so we obliged and went to pick Gentry up from daycare and took them to burn off some energy.

They love the slides.  I think Gentry loves climbing the stairs and/or rock wall to get to the top more than actually sliding.  Jubal loves sliding.

Jubal didn't want to smile because we stopped the swing to take a picture.  I finally told him if he would just smile, I would push them some more.  That's how I got a decent smile out of him.  Gentry has this smile going on.  He says "cheese" and squints his eyes together.  Too funny.

They both loved playing in the sand.  It's actually out at a river landing where they began digging and stopped.  Now we have a huge sand pile and a hole for them to play in and on.  All I know is it kept them occupied so this mama had some time to breathe.  Works for all of us.

If you look closely at the first "sandbox" picture, you can see Gentry's funny little smile again.  These kiddos spent hours running up and down the dune, covering each other in sand, and getting sand in places I didn't even know sand could go.  Ha!

I'm just so thankful for sunny days and warmer weather.  I'm glad to be able to take my boys places and make some wonderful memories with them and our friends.  God is so good. :)


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