Saturday, April 19, 2014

Class Party

From the pictures my boys' teachers sent me yesterday, the boys look like they enjoyed the little Easter party they had at school after their naps. I remember when I was little how I looked forward to class parties at school. Maybe that's why I still get excited for them when I know they're having one. :)

Here's some pictures their teachers sent me yesterday.

Gentry's class was the first to wake from their naps, so they had their party before Jubal's class did.  Ms. Ashley sent me this pic with the caption, "About to chow down Easter bunny style!" ;)

As you can see, Gentry still had bed head. Ha!

From the looks of the pictures Mrs. Diane sent me, Jubal's class had fun munching out on all of their goodies, too.

I'm happy my boys have a little school they can go to where they're loved and I feel they're safe.  It's a Christian based school, too, which makes me even happier. :)


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