Wednesday, April 9, 2014

School Days 4.9.14

I haven't done an update for school in about a month, so I guess I'll do one now. I enjoy getting to keep up with my boys' days at school. I'm thankful for their teachers who make me feel very included.

Jubal doesn't have long before he starts "real" school and will move to his new school. I won't get to keep up with him as much anymore.

Gentry will soon move up to K-2 and begin learning even more than he already has. He's getting to be such a good talker. I'm glad to be able to communicate with him with words and sentences.

We'll start with Gentry.  These pictures were taken while his class was having a little dance party.  Looks like a lot of fun to me.  Notice "that" smile again.  Ha! 

His teachers boast on him all the time about how well he cleans up after himself.  They tell me when the children are told to clean up that Gentry is the only one that immediately starts picking up toys and putting them where they go.  If you know me, you know that this makes me very proud. :)

Jubal continues to excel, too.  His teacher said if she had a classroom full of Jubal's she would be set.

It's been a little rainy lately and the kids all wanted a recess, so Mrs. Diane let them go out under the sheltered walkway to color with chalk.  Jubal told her he was drawing a turtle.  Nice turtle, Jubal Man. ;)

Also, I expressed a little anxiety about Jubal going to a new school and being around new kids.  I just always want him to be confident and be a leader, not a follower.  Mrs. Diane sent me this picture with a little message stating that this little boy was new at GCA and Jubal was the first one to befriend him.

She told me I had no reason to worry because Jubal was always the one to make new friends quickly and to also make new students feel more comfortable.  So proud of my big boy!

I could not have hand-picked two more wonderful, caring, kind, and smart little boys.  God knew exactly what he was doing when he blessed me with these two sweet little boys.  I'm so thankful to be their mama! :)


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