Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Lights~2014

As we've done each year since Jubal has been born, we went to see Christmas lights.  Same place, different year. :)

We plan on taking them to Guido Gardens this weekend to see some different lights.  I think they're at an age where they will enjoy it more.

Jubal did not want to leave this year.  He couldn't get enough of all the pretty lights.  We had to basically force him in the car, screaming & crying.  Nothing a trip to Walmart couldn't cure.  That boy knows he loves looking at all the toys.

Jubal was mad because he couldn't go inside the lights to touch the blow up toys.
Just look at that mean face. Haha!

I love making these memories with my boys.  I look forward to this season each year.  They sure are growing up quickly.  I love having this journal to look back on.  


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