Wednesday, January 21, 2015


As January is quickly passing us by, we've been enjoying the slower pace it brings after the holidays. We are getting ready for the activities that spring will bring shortly, but until then we've been taking it pretty easy.

Lately, we've been going for walks down to the pond.  The boys like riding their bikes around the block and then walking to the pond,collecting rocks along the way to try and skip across the water.  There's a little trail all the way around the pond and they love walking around it, especially through the "forest", as Jubal calls it.

Lately, Jubal celebrated his 100th day of school.  The older kids get to dress up as their idea of 100 year old people, but Jubal & his class got to make crowns proclaiming they are 100 days smarter.

Lately, the boys have been having a blast taking their baths with bubbles.  Larson asked me to pick up some bubbles for them last week and the boys love playing with them.  I guess I've always thought bubbles were a "girl thing", but my boys love them just as much as I did when I was little.  Since the bottle of bubbles I got for them has Spiderman on the label, they definitely think they're awesome.

Lately, after cold & rainy days that lasted almost two weeks, the weather has been beautiful.  It's been near 70° and sunny, so we've been enjoying staying outside as much as possible.  The boys love jumping on their trampoline, and especially the static electricity it causes.

Lately, I took the boys to the park this past Monday when Jubal was out of school for MLK day.  We stopped by Mickey D's to pick up some food and spent the rest of the afternoon, until we had to pick up Larson, at the park.  When we arrived, there wasn't anyone there, but maybe 5 minutes later it seemed every other parent had the same idea...Happy Meals & play time at the park.  

Both boys had so much fun, and it made my heart feel so much joy to see how my boys stick together in a crowd.  Gentry really looks up to Jubal, and Jubal really looks out for Gentry.  We had a wonderful day together.  I need to do this more often with them.

I didn't get but one picture at the park because I was too busy pushing the swing or helping them cross the monkey bars, but I know I'll remember this day in my heart.  I love seeing happiness all over my boys' faces.

Lately, we've just been hanging out with each other.  Jubal makes me smile every time he says, "My family is all together."  We can all just be sitting in the same room together and it makes him happy that we're all there...together. 

 I love my family.  There's no other place I'd rather be than together.  


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