Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pre Christmas

The boys had a lot of little things they got to do before Christmas,
while they were at school & daycare.
It was a busy time for us, which is why I'm late getting any posting done.
 I want to keep up with these times, though, so
I'll post even if I am almost two weeks late. :)

Gentry wasn't too sure about seeing a second Santa,
 especially without his big brother there.
Also, this was immediately after nap, and my boys don't do stimulation
very well when first waking up. Ha!

Someone was supposed to be napping, but instead
he was making faces at Mrs. Mandy.

Jubal rode the bus to daycare after school.
He had fun at his school program that day.

Gentry told Mrs. Mandy he was tired.
She snapped this pic and sent it to me.

Last day of school before Christmas vacation.
I had lots of goodies in the bag that he had made throughout the school year.


Gabriel's birthday

Christmas Eve morning at daycare while Mama & Daddy had to work.
Thankfully, I only had to work half a day.
They had their little parties at daycare anyway so they
didn't mind being there for awhile.

The cookies I made for their parties at daycare.
So easy!

I'll share our Christmas in my next post. 
It was so much fun this year with both boys
knowing more about why we celebrate, and about Santa.
I don't know if they were more excited, or us.


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