Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What's Been Going On?

I feel the need to write down some things that my boys have been doing or saying lately that I want to remember later. The little things are sometimes easier to forget and I always want to be able to look back at this to jog my memory of these things.

We'll start with Gentry first.  This boy right here has some kind of vocabulary.  Jubal had a large vocabulary as well, and was very articulate, but Gentry just wows me with some of the words he uses.  He speaks in full sentences that sometimes make you feel like you could be talking to a ten year old.  I'll just look at him in amazement when he catches me off guard like that.  You know, the head all tilted to the side, mouth open kind of stare?  Ha!

When he is playing with his cars, he lines them up perfectly side by side.  He likes to be able to see each individual car.  He's so meticulous about how he lines them up.  I see a lot of me in that.  He must pick up on the way I do things like that.  

He loves Legos.  He loves building castles.  It something that makes him very proud.
He's good at it, too.

Some of my favorite things to hear him say in his little country twang is: Yep, pronounced yyyeep, real slow like molasses.  I love when he says, "Lay with me, Mama."  I'll ask him if he likes for me to lay with him and I always get that "Yyyeeep!"  I love the way he's says, "Love you, too."  Sometimes when he's speaking in a long sentence, he will take his time and say each word slowly, one syllable at a time.  Just the other day he told Larson, "Go- get- me- some- can- dy!"
Ha ha!  There's so many other things he says that makes me giggle.

Just for my sake I want to remember that right now he weighs in at 34 lbs. and is 36 1/4 inches tall.

Now, on to my big boy.  Jubal is really starting to look less like my little boy and more like a little grownup every day.  We took him to get his hair cut day before yesterday and he wanted a new style.  I've always kept him a simple "little boy" hair cut, but now he wants his hair spiked up in the front, which makes him look so much older to me.  Where is my baby??

He acts just as old as he looks, too.  He is too dang smart for his own good, which sometimes gets him in trouble.  He thinks he knows everything.  Just like his dad & I were when we were little, and every other person on the planet, I guess.  Ha!  

He got his first progress report about a week ago and I smiled with so much pride at all the wonderful things his teacher wrote about him.  He's one of the youngest ones in his class.  Most of the children are already five, but Jubal won't turn five until July, and yet he surpasses many of them on several different levels.  One way he amazes me is his use of adjectives.  I really appreciate good English, so this is a big one for me.  He uses them in sentences exactly how they should be used.  He's four.  He was trying on a pair of shoes he really wanted, and looked up at me and said, "They fit me perfectly."  That is just an example.  I rarely have to correct him, though.  He is very articulate.

Right now he weighs in at 34.6 lbs. and last time we measured his height he was right at 37-37 1/4 inches.  Baby brother may be on the verge of passing him.  Gentry has always been bigger at certain ages than Jubal was at the same age.  It's all good, though, because as much as these boys fight over the same toys, or just over who sits where, they genuinely love each other.  

I hope they always have the bond that they have now.


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