Thursday, January 29, 2015

Their Bond

My boys fight. They fight over toys. They fight over candy. They fight over who gets to sit or lay with me. They fight over who gets taken to the car first every morning. They fight over who gets bathed first.  They fight over their daddy's attention.

They fight.

You know what, though?  They love each other so very much.

When they are not together, they are constantly asking when the other will be back, or when they'll be with the other again.  When awakening in the mornings, they lie down to snuggle with each other before starting their day.  They feel safe together.  They defend each other.

Jubal goes to Pre-K at our public elementary school and Gentry goes to daycare each day.  Jubal then rides the bus in the afternoons to the same daycare.  Each and every day, the first thing that occurs when he arrives is my boys want to see each other.

Mrs. Diane still sends me pictures.  She usually captures their reunion hugs and sends them to me.  My heart melts every time.

I hope this love only grows and they are always this close.  I know they have a bond that can never be broken.  Brothers.


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