Friday, May 6, 2016

Baseball Pictures

Jubal took his first baseball pictures last week.
We got them back yesterday.
I really like how they turned out.
We were able to choose the pose, and I chose this one.
Forgive me that this is a picture of the actual picture, but oh well. ;)

I love how their group picture turned out as well.
Here's their "memory mate".
(also a picture of the original picture)

*I blurred out our town name for privacy & safety since these aren't just my children.
Front, left to right: Brady, Brayden, Luis, & Jubal
Back: Coach L.J., Trey, Pate, Colton, Donald, & Brantley

They only have two games left this season.
They'll have their pizza party next Thursday after their last game.
Honestly, I hate to see the season end.
It has been so much fun watching these boys play.


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