Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Kinder Grad

Jubal had his kindergarten graduation ceremony yesterday.  They also incorporated awards day in with the graduation.  It was fun to hear & watch them sing the songs they learned for their big day.

I now officially have a first grader on my hands.

Jubal & his buddy, Ian

Jubal received a couple of awards.  As I've mentioned before, he won the Young Author's Conference writing award.  He also won a certificate for learning over 150 sight words.  

I'm very proud of his accomplishments.

Walking up to receive his writing award

Principal Kaiser awarding Jubal

All of the children sang songs about moving on up to first grade.  The words and their little dances were the cutest thing ever.  Jubal kept smiling, telling me to take a picture, so I got plenty. :)

The videos I have are not good quality because a friend of mine (Ian's mom, Nicole) sent them to me in a text.  I was not able to get a video since the mic on my phone doesn't work, and I was busy snapping pictures with my good camera.  

Thankfully, though, I have these, and even if you can't clearly see them, you can hear them singing their cute songs and that is what I want to remember. :)

After the ceremony was over, we got to go back to their classroom to take some pictures and sign him out.  He was so excited to get to leave school early.

Heading back to his classroom

My boy blowing me kisses

Best buds

His teacher, Mrs. Waters

His parapro, Mrs. Sara

What a fun & memorable day!  I'm so proud of him for finishing strong.  It's hard to believe that come fall I'll have both my boys in school.  Jubal is my first grader, and Gentry will be in K-4.  I'm sure I'll have tears watching them walk in their first day together.  

My boys are growing up.  I'm not sure how to feel about that...


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