Thursday, May 19, 2016

Onion Festival~2016

For the first time in 12 years, I got to take my boys to the Onion Festival parade.  
We weren't in it, nor did I have to work and miss it all together.  
I really enjoyed being with them this year,
and (oh my!) did they ever collect some kind of candy.  
Both of them came home with buckets full.  
We had so much fun!

Parade time!

They love the fire truck & sirens.

My beautiful great niece, Ashton.

Larson tried to get Gentry to take a picture with the belly dancer.
Gentry was terrified, though. Ha!

Jubal wanted to give everybody "five". :)

I don't know this man's name.
He is with the Alee Shriners.
What I do know is not only did he give Jubal "five",
but he knelt down & gave Jubal some of his time.
I applaud him because it made Jubal's day.

After the parade, we ventured on over to the festival.
It was very crowded so we didn't stay but about an hour.
It was also getting hotter by the second.
It was a beautiful day for the festivities, though.

The boys got to feed the goats.

Jubal held the bunny.

The goats were trying to jump up on Gentry to get the food.
I love how Gentry is looking at the goat in this picture.

Petting the bunny since Jubal got in trouble for picking it up.
(Not by us, but the boy running it.)

Petting the goat.

The boys got to do lots of other fun things before we left.
One of their favorite things was the bungee jump.
They both wanted to turn flips, but neither could make it over.

You'll hear me tell Larson to stop because Gentry was begging him to leave him alone.
He didn't want to go high anymore.
He just wanted to jump.

Just a short video of Jubal because I had to move on to the next adventure with Gentry. :)

We really had a fun day together.
We went home and while I took a nap, Larson put the water slide
up for the boys to play on since it was hot.
We grilled hot dogs later and just took it easy the rest of the day.
It was a good day. :)


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