Wednesday, November 2, 2016


It was so nice to get to do Trick-or-Treat on Halloween this year. Our small town usually designates a different night to go door to door other than Halloween, but because Halloween fell on a Monday, we were able to really enjoy it this year.

The boys picked their own costumes this year.  Jubal chose to be Hulk, and Gentry chose a Transformer.  I don't even know what this particular transformer's name is since I don't watch the show nor have I seen any movies about them.  That's what they picked, though, so we went with it.

Larson picked out a gorilla mask instead of going as some type of clown this year.  Since there has been so much talk of clowns trying to lure children into danger, we both felt is was best not to do that costume again. Haha!  I picked out a "Purge" mask, one like the young adults wore in the first movie.  It was so hot, though, that none of us actually wore the masks.  The boys wore their costumes, just not their masks.

I didn't get a picture of me in my mask, but I did save this picture off of my Snapchat.  Ha!

The boys scored so much candy.  This was their bounty just from trick-or-treating.  This doesn't include their stash from Trunk-or-Treat at school on Friday, or from their friend, Brooks's, birthday party on Saturday.  They ended up with 3 gallon sized Ziploc bags crammed full of candy.  Holy cow!!

It was lots of fun.  Gentry was riding in the back of the truck singing about it being the best Halloween ever.  I love making these childhood memories with them.  I hope they always remember the joy that comes with being a child.

Now, for me, back to adulting.  Let's go to work. ;)


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